What is the EP Buzz Search Engine?

Europtimum’s EP Buzz Search Engine is a unique tool that provides access to a database dedicated exclusively to tweets and retweets by Members of the European Parliament. Twitter is a central tool to follow European policy developments. Knowing precisely what MEPs tweet and how this impacts the ‘twittosphere’ will provide you with invaluable information.

The EP Buzz Search Engine is a simple tool that concentrates on the European Parliament. You will be able to filter EP twitter activity by committee, country, MEP, national party, political group and keyword within a selected time period.

Why use the EP Buzz Search Engine?

How does the EP Buzz Search Engine work?

The underlying priority of the EP Buzz Search Engine is to allow users to make the most out of this tool, while protecting their privacy and preserving the integrity of tweets.

It is easy to use
Search is by keyword, which can be combined with other criteria that users can choose from already existing categories (committee, country, MEP, national party, political group). Research can be conducted on the current (2019-2024) or previous (2014-2019) Parliamentary term.
It helps you make sharp analyses
Rather than ordering tweets chronologically, the EP Buzz Search Engine automatically ranks them by number of retweets, allowing users to identify which MEPs are the most influential, thus extracting further and strategic information from a simple search.
You can export the data
Users can export up to 2.000 tweets per search, with a limit of 50.000 tweets per month. This limit can be increased for an additional fee. With a basic knowledge of Excel, search results can be filtered with additional criteria, enabling you to fine-tune information on how active MEPs are on a specific topic, the evolution of their activity over time, etc.
It preserves tweets in their original form
In order not to alter their original meaning, tweets are not subject to an automated translation, but presented in the original language. Search entries can be made in all languages.
It protects your privacy
The EP Buzz Search Engine ensures that your privacy is protected: this is the cornerstone of our ethical approach and methodology. We do not use any cookie, nor tracking device that may allow us to record your browsing habits or to establish your profile. Not only are you entitled to the rights provided by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but it is our principle not to collect data that others may collect. Thus, we will never try to find out who you are, or what you do when you use our search engine. The confidentiality of your queries is ensured. When we do have to collect data, it is exclusively to provide you with the services offered by the EP Buzz Search Engine: we do not disclose nor sell it for commercial or other purposes. Data collected from users are safely stored in the EU.

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If you need further information or clarification on our offers and on the functioning of the EP Buzz Search Engine, we will be happy to respond to your questions via email or schedule a meeting for a presentation of all the functionalities of our tool. Please contact us at epbuzzsearchengine@europtimum.eu